Candidate Recruitment

We find candidates who will fit into the culture of your team and support the realization of your company's goals.

HeadHunti's mission is to provide exceptional specialists to fulfill the mission of your company

The businesses that achieve the greatest success are created by wonderfully coordinated people. They shape the company's culture, introduce innovations, and implement ambitious business strategies. We focus on finding those unique personalities for you.

Our Recruitment Methodology

Needs Analysis

We start by analyzing your needs, as each recruitment is unique, just like the people who work in your team.

Candidate Selection

After understanding the needs of your company, your team, and the expectations for the position and work culture, we conduct a precise selection of candidates.

Candidate Verification

We carefully verify the suitability of candidates, checking if they will find their place in the position and establish a long-term cooperation with your company.

Support in the Process

After verification, we assist in recruitment interviews, negotiations, and onboarding of candidates.

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Searching and Selection of Candidates

How do we discover potential and ensure a fit?

Understanding Your Company

Regardless of the industry you operate in, we are determined to understand all the nuances and distinctive features of your business to create the profile of an ideal candidate.

Using Technology

Using modern technologies and tools such as artificial intelligence and advanced matching algorithms, we recommend the right people to you.

Unique Network of Contacts

We believe that human values and relationships are especially valuable in the recruitment process. We continuously invest in the development of our professional network, maintaining relationships with a wide range of professionals in various industries. This allows us to reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job but are open to new challenges.

Competence Verification

We start candidate selection with a thorough analysis of their competencies. We examine candidates' skills and experience, their ability to solve problems, and their potential impact on the success of your company.

Candidate Fit

Beyond experience and skills, it is important to understand how well a candidate fits into your company's culture. We recognize their values, expectations, and personality, contributing to long-term success and satisfaction for both employees and employers.

Confidentiality and Security

Upon request, we conduct a discreet recruitment process and verify candidates' backgrounds.

Confidential Recruitment

The need for confidential recruitment may arise from the need to maintain team morale, strategic company decisions, or industry-specific requirements. Throughout the entire recruitment process, from identifying candidates to finalizing the process, we guarantee maximum confidentiality.

Verifying Credibility

In the interest of your company's security, we can conduct a detailed background check of each candidate who has passed through our selection process. We perform an accurate analysis of the candidate's references, verify certificates and diplomas, and thoroughly examine their professional history. This way, your company gains assurance and saves valuable time.

Negotiations and Onboarding

How do we care about the satisfaction of candidates and employers?

Support in Negotiations

Negotiations are a complex stage where the interests of the candidate and the employer meet and often turn out to be divergent. They require sound business knowledge, subtle skills in understanding people, and navigating between the expectations of both parties. We provide support in this process, increasing your comfort and that of your future employees.

Preparing the Offer

We help you create an offer that takes into account your capabilities, business goals, and candidate expectations. We ensure that both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Employees will eagerly join your company, feeling appropriately appreciated, and your company will offer conditions that are attractive, fair, and consistent with your capabilities.

Assistance in Onboarding

After successful negotiations, we support the onboarding process for employees. We assist in the adaptation of new people, from introduction to the team, through initial training, to development plans and periodic evaluations. Our strategies aim to increase the value and efficiency of employees.

Market Research and Talent Mapping

What information can we provide?

What can be learned?

What do candidates pay attention to, which roles are becoming more desirable, and what are the current trends in salaries. Answers to these questions will improve your recruitment strategy.

How can this information be used?

We provide essential data that helps understand current trends and behaviors in the job market, enabling effective planning of recruitment and human resource development in the long term.

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About HeadHunti

Partners in Building Your Team

Talent Matching

We fish out talents and create teams that strategically strengthen your company, minimizing the risk of faulty hiring.

Industry Experts

Deeply understanding industries allows us to connect your company with perfectly matched candidates whom we can verify.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer holistic support in strategic areas, providing specialists who bring innovation to your company.

Relationships and Respect

People are our priority, hence we build relationships that translate into long-term collaboration and mutual success.

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