Employee Leasing

We provide flexible staffing solutions to help your business achieve success.

We ensure your company has access to ready-to-act professionals

We believe that time is a fundamental resource for every enterprise. We aim to save as much of it for you as possible, focusing on delivering the people you need amid changing business needs.

Our Methodology

Understanding Needs

In each collaboration, we focus on analyzing project and operational requirements to precisely match leased employees to your goals.

Selection and Matching

In the process of selecting specialists, besides experience and skills, we choose individuals who will smoothly adapt to the new work environment and project.

Integration with Your Team

We aim to minimize business risks by ensuring effective and swift incorporation of employees into your business processes.

Monitoring and Optimization

During our collaboration, we monitor progress and adjust our actions to ensure you have the resources needed.

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Employee Leasing Process

How It Works in Practice?

Defining Business Requirements

Together and in detail, we specify your project and operational needs. Our goal is to identify key competencies and skills needed by your company immediately.

Access to a Specialized Database

We have access to an extensive database of specialists. Additionally, we focus on quickly delivering employees with the right skills who can immediately engage in work.

Rapid Integration and Support

We strive to provide support in the rapid integration of leased employees with your team, minimizing disruptions in work and ensuring a smooth transition to operations.

Flexibility and Scalability

Service Tailored to Your Needs and Capabilities

Adaptation to Your Needs

We offer the possibility to quickly adjust human resources to changing requirements. We do not bind with long-term contracts laden with numerous penalties.

Focus on Scalability

You don't have to worry about staff shortages or excesses during your projects. You can increase or decrease the number of employees as needed, depending on market and project requirements.

Operational Cost Optimization

We shorten the time needed for specialists to start working, eliminating the need for lengthy recruitment processes.

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About HeadHunti

Partners in Building Your Team

Talent Matching

We fish out talents and create teams that strategically strengthen your company, minimizing the risk of faulty hiring.

Industry Experts

Deeply understanding industries allows us to connect your company with perfectly matched candidates whom we can verify.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer holistic support in strategic areas, providing specialists who bring innovation to your company.

Relationships and Respect

People are our priority, hence we build relationships that translate into long-term collaboration and mutual success.

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