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Candidate Recruitment

Your key to exceptional candidates.

Understanding Your Company

We use our industry knowledge to find specialists who will complement your teams and mission.

Saving Your Time

We shorten the recruitment time, providing only verified candidates.

Security of Choice

Our services are covered by a guarantee of candidate matching.

Utilizing Own Networks

We provide unique talents from our network of specialists.

Continuous Cooperation

Building your team, step by step.

Dynamic Team Development

We offer stability and continuity in building your teams.

Uninterrupted Support

We are support ready for all the changing needs and challenges of your company.

Accumulated Knowledge

Your company gains access to our rich expertise and experience in talent management.

Development Strategy

We help build teams, planning the future of your company.

Employee Leasing

Flexible staffing solutions at your fingertips.

Adjustment to Projects

We provide teams and specialists with competencies matched to your projects.

Maintenance-free Processes

We take over all staffing challenges, allowing you to focus on your business.

Instant Scalability

You can quickly scale teams up or down, adapting to your own needs.

Flexibility and Savings

Maximize efficiency, paying only for actually used resources.

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Why choose to do it with HeadHunti?

Expertise in Business Development, Technology, Sales, and Management

Mission of Realizing Your Mission

Our actions focus on identifying and attracting candidates who will not only complement your teams but also actively support your mission, sharing commitment and understanding of your sector.

Your goals are our priority.

Expertise Translating to Results

Our knowledge and experience in business development, technology, sales, and management allow us to deeply understand your challenges and needs. We are not only recruitment experts - we specialize in your field, and our searches are purposeful, effective, and precise.

We specialize in sectors we know inside out.

A Network You Won't Find Anywhere Else

We utilize our extensive network of contacts, providing access to a refined pool of talents and companies that you might lack in conventional recruitment channels. This opens the doors to excellent candidates and creates opportunities for inspiring business partnerships.

Access to a unique network of specialists and companies.

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We Specialize in Your Sector

We are not just a headhunting company

How does it work?

A simple recruitment process in 4 steps
Needs Diagnosis and Candidate Profile

We thoroughly examine the needs of the client and the positions he wants to fill. We want to understand the company culture, develop the profile of the ideal candidate and the recruitment strategy.

Planning and Launching the Recruitment Process

We create a personalized recruitment plan taking into account the specifics of the client. We launch the recruitment process, which includes searching, selecting and verifying all candidates.

Communication and Progress Monitoring

The client receives regular updates on recruitment progress. This gives them full insight into the process and can quickly respond to any changes.

Recruitment Process Completion

We close the recruitment process, ensuring a proper summary for all participants. We provide feedback to candidates, thus closing the entire recruitment process.

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Experience directly related to the role

Fit with the organization's culture

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Recruitment Report about Candidate

Report is a tool that allows you to look beyond the resume and more accurately assess potential candidates.

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About HeadHunti

Partners in Building Your Team

Talent Matching

We fish out talents and create teams that strategically strengthen your company, minimizing the risk of faulty hiring.

Industry Experts

Deeply understanding industries allows us to connect your company with perfectly matched candidates whom we can verify.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer holistic support in strategic areas, providing specialists who bring innovation to your company.

Relationships and Respect

People are our priority, hence we build relationships that translate into long-term collaboration and mutual success.

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